Use the power of explainer videos to better communicate your message.

Do you wonder how we do it all?


Idea creation & Script writing

Time estimate: 1 week

We give words meaning and beyond. Support of eyecatching visuals and explanatory sounds makes them even more powerfull. Precisely crafted script has amazing power. Power of persuasion.



Time estimate: 1 week

Blueprints and first sketches a lot of brainstorming and constructive feedback. Every detail is being redesigned from scratch to perfection. Ideas are being proofread.

Step by step we are improving what was already great. This is the process of script writing.



Time estimate: 1 week

A professional voiceover is the key to a great animated video. We work with the best talent and can deliver voiceovers in various languages.


Graphic design

Time estimate: 1 week

We have plenty of graphic styles for you to choose from. Let us first, give you our humble opinion, of what will suit you the best.

Choose your own style of motion video to sell your product:

  • Hand drawn
  • Vector graphics
  • Motion type
  • Images
  • 3D animation


Animation & Post Production

Time estimate: 1 week

All the graphic design is put into motion in After Effects. To spice it all up, we add some sound effects, music and voiceover. Now is the time for your final feedback.

If everyone is happy - video is ready to sell.


Advertising and social media marketing

Time estimate: Until you are a superstar

Because your message is only as good as its ability to share it.

We have a lot to offer.

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